5 stage-in line Parts washing with Iron phosphate. 
5 Stage tumble Barrel washing with iron phosphate for small parts.
1 High speed conveyor system used for multiple types of finishing applications. Gas fired oven.     
3 Minicoat® systems used to encapsulate small parts in Rilsan® nylon 11, polyethylene, or epoxy.
1 (20' x 15') automotive grade closed door heat cured paint booth for clean room wet applications.
1 (25' x 30') powder finishing clean room for white nylon applications.
 2 (12' x 6') gas fired truck ovens for large part batch operations.
 2 (4'x3') electric batch oven for small run orders.
 Multiple induction heater options.
Tumble blast.

Controlled Environment Coating area for medical and scientific parts.
Custom Racking.
Custom Masking.

Burnoff oven.
Thickness Testing.
Adhesion Testing.
Hi-pot Testing.